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Can go up every year to Fang Bo rambling citizen may have discovered, fang Bo can be compared with photograph of in former years really this year not quite same. According to Fang Bo tens of homes on the meeting develop the client intent investigation of business to show, objective of investment of the other place on the meeting sees this Fang Bo hard sign.

Up to last night 7 when, net of room of transparent carry out shows Hangzhou, clinch a deal that day a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is 50, book a cycle of songs in a traditional opera to be 206. Two days of photographs are compared in front of, book a cycle of songs in a traditional opera to rise somewhat. Though kicked off on October 13 Fang Bo is met, successive 3 days those who come clinch a deal before the capacity did not appear, partial crowd place forecasts " release greatly " phenomenon, but from Hangzhou the number on net of room of transparent carry out looks, everyday book a quantity to exceed 100, more or less does such prices also make develop business to feel trifling comfort.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, from the point of current condition, during Fang Bo is met clinch a deal the quantity is little at in former years, be the provisionality that causes because of macroscopical adjusting control on one hand manage money wait-and-see atmosphere changes hard temporarily; On the other hand Fang Bo meets the investment objective that go up this year very few, recumbent before the person that fries a room to earn brushstroke greatly dare move easily no longer.

Be located in the some development business of position of center of first floor of world trade exhibition hall, can go up in Fang Bo designedly installed an intent questionnaire, investigation content includes a client to be opposite this building dish psychological price, right establishment of form a complete set and door model the requirement. From questionnaire " client identity " in one column, reporter discovery, the great majority of the person that fill in of hundreds questionnaire is Hangzhou person, occupy 95% above. "The person look around this year is holding Hangzhou accent almost, even if is nonlocal accent, also be to come to Hangzhou settle down mostly poineering youth. Fang Bo of before two years is met, the client pretty such as city of the lukewarm state that we welcome, justice black, Sheng is much, these people often written guarantee group and come, basically be to fry a room, such phenomenon was done not have almost this year. " chief of department of layout of company of this house property turns over thick questionnaire, tell a reporter. Live oneself the gender buys a room to consume energy to be released appropriately, can go up in this Fang Bo look had become the fact that does not dispute.

According to selling statistic, buyer basically is the habitant of Hangzhou urban district, Xiao Shan and Yu Hang area, although also have a few purchaser of provincial census register, but the purpose buying a house of this batch of people also is to live oneself almost.
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