See business goes against clue estate at the beginning of governmental adjusting

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2008 it is to suffer a year when fix eyes upon fully, "Unapproachable " Beijing Olympic Games, increase the damage that just concludes abstruse meeting, let the elegant demeanour that world experience went to Beijing, witnessed Chinese actual strength.

2008 it is hardship a labyrinthian year, arrive from the snow calamity of the beginning of the year the short of Wenshui River May plain earth shake, the immediate pecuniary loss that cause is achieved 5, one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan of 6 RMBs; Meanwhile, world economy appeared large-scale ebbs, of course of study of You Yijin be in harmony glide most serious: Act by two rooms orgnaization of hair second borrow the crisis, spread to with Lehmann brotherly company goes broke the financial crisis that is a delegate...

Governmental adjusting control, clue sees first

Be in " economic crisis " before, each country government bend force rescues declining tendency, the country such as the United States, Russia, Japan already all was thrown hundreds differ to thousands of 100 million dollars, infuse money market, carry out lower interest, urge the policy such as consumption, declining tendency of mechanical resistance economy.

After the Olympic Games ends, chinese government certainly will shifts working focus economy build, avert the interference that international economy glides. The Central Bank announces to be reduced at the same time one year recently period RMB loan is basic the deposit reserve interest rate of interest rate and partial bank, this is come 6 years lower interest first, also be a when undertake adjustment to compressing estate policy before a few years positive signal; In addition, government of each district room still came on stage a few aim " activation " the new move of estate market, include Shenyang, Xi'an, restart the allowance that buy a house, the fixed number of year that increases loan of housing accumulation fund and limitation; Henan province dweller buys commodity house but derate estate trades agree duty, reduce a fund paying a house, lengthen loan time limit to wait, the room that can enjoy commercial bank place to offer at the same time is borrowed best interest rate. And and other places of Xiamen, Changsha, Chengdu also comes on stage in succession include to buy a room to enter door, duty-free fall the measure of the privilege that buy a house such as the duty, allowance that buy a house, hope exciting estate market is consumed, redeem building city declining tendency.

Estate business, product break out of an encirclement

Although end from which,reach a place, various government showed positive signal to the adjustment of estate policy; But 90/70 policy and safeguard sex housing and estate of keep within limits expand still is policy tenet, at the same time the decline of international economy and the backwater that one class, 2 class sell the market also are the fact that does not dispute, and public opinion and media as before a few years the sudden huge profits of estate business is talking around before, have charge. Estate business is hardheaded, just be the payoff that walks out of tight encirclement.
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