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"House price violent wind rose last year overdrew to did not come "

Nie Mei Sheng thinks, adjusting control achieved a goal hard 2007, because the house price violent wind last year rises, savor a bitter pill to swallow that overdraws to did not come. "Push tall land price most the linkage that beginning one round is capital market and land forms short circuit, push price raising a house directly, did not think of to appear on the market the violent wind that the company uses the stock market rises, regard asset as land, install appear on the market evaporate in the company, dare to take ground king, local government follows one case to rise land price upgrade. " Nie Mei Sheng says, although the bank is right,estate respect returned be crimple last year, but the stock market is " amplifier " , appeared on the market August the city of the company is filled with rate once 100 times to 200 times, guangdong saves a few big estate to appear on the market company, business of ground of 10 thousand divisions, gold, action, the city last year is filled with rate is very high. Arrived August the financing amount of these a few companies was to achieve many yuan 1000, mere the time of 9 months.

"The capital market last year is exceedingly fiery, but the land accrual of local government is extra-budgetary finance income, this is both between the measure of neither one adjusting control, the management of land management and capital market is complete amlposition, say originally from the root so, this is the problem of our system sex. Land is the value that one anticipates, this expectant value is being analysed to fathom by local government and development business. Anticipated land goes up greatly last year, ground of development business collect is king, anticipate this year bad to flow everywhere pat, instead cash is king. Want to change this condition, the land that must involve our country supplies system reform. " she thinks to enrol pat hang a system to be worth to think over.

Nie Mei Sheng thinks, foreign capital also is one drives implement: "Cause current 2008 so a deadlock, a few respects should pay price for this thing: One is policy formulate, one is development business, one is the person that buy a house. Develop business last year also is special not sensible, abundantly buys costly land, abundantly is pushed raise a cost, also came in at the same time a lot of fry lodger, be in Shenzhen especially. Such one made fun of 2007, a few respects should pay price 2008. A few respects should pay price 2008..

"Slow-moving is to want to sell the share that go out formerly "

Look in Nie Mei Sheng, more successful is this year begin house price to rise first half of the year compared to the same period hasten delay, "But trade the volume leaves defeat, market considerably low fan, if say the stock market is cutting sb in two at the waist or next defeat of 60% , building city also is same, do not reflect go up in the price, however system deals now on the quantity. Cannot pay close attention to floor price only now, I think to trade the signal with still rising what the fall of the quantity compares house price more important compared to the same period trades namely the defeat below the quickness of the quantity, this are more troublesome. Current condition is contradiction of real-estate supply and demand changes quickly, area of empty place of house of the following commodity increases 90 square metre considerably, at present slow-moving just is we want to sell the share that go out very much so. I feel the estate adjusting control that is a target with house price has lasted 5 years, formed the deadlock that estate sluggish goes up. Formed the deadlock that estate sluggish goes up..
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