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Intermediary leans new dish clinch a deal the market that prop up

Current autumn hand in meeting, in secondhand house of house sale price does not fall high, new dish of current situation that yields benefit sales promotion in succession under, what intermediary company pushs carry out is secondhand the building clinchs a deal rarely, take a guest to bought new building to become mainstream business completely.

"11000 yuan / square metre enters overseas Chinese town, 6500 yuan / square metre enjoys water scene big community... " world couplet is in this all right autumn make the bamboo shoot on the meeting dish advertisement is marked all the more, also become from this successive a few days of people are angry most the intermediary of flourishing is exhibited. However, these essence are carried fine anthology reveal the low that come out secondhand the room did not bring outstanding achievement. According to world couplet travel relevant controller introduces, share 131 batches from the client that exhibits a belt to see a building, but up to now secondhand the room also did not clinch a deal, however from exhibit a belt to look new dish clinched a deal 6.

If world couplet goes, the company of much home intermediary such as buy of beautiful couplet, world China, harbor installed special bus seeing a building, and autumn hand in those who meet 5 days to clinch a deal the quantity is given priority to with new building. For example beautiful couplet property arranged many 100 agent from exhibit field zone guest to see a building, altogether clinched a deal 30, it is new building completely; Harbor buy real estate clinched a deal 8 new buildings, still have 12 delivery the new building of deposit, secondhand the building clinchs a deal only 1. In addition, enrol dealer buy course of study to not was in only exhibit do skill room to recommend, because have those who enrol business real estate additionally,still exhibit showpiece new dish, and in 300 batches of clients that recieve in all, what clinch a deal finally is secondhand room also only 3.

Hand room depreciates even ability is competitive

"Autumn the guest flow that makes meeting scene unlike spring hand in the meeting is little, but wait-and-see sentiment is a lot of stronger however. Will buy secondhand the client of the room is to holding the state of mind that copy a copy, accordingly, secondhand if room owner thinks breakfast sells a house, the price should compare the market low 10% or so ability is possible. " Liang Wenhua sums up general manager of world China real estate. In the reporter in interviewing, controller of much home intermediary all expresses secondhand it is more difficult that the room clinchs a deal, and main reason depends on depreciating slow, and autumn hand in during the meeting new dish sales promotion activity special offer room is much, much, let under photograph comparing secondhand room more do not have competition ability.
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