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How do two hand office building invest gain profit 7 action teach you relaxed bu

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One, year of return rate should be calculated before investing two hand office building. Year return rate = (the hire ÷ of every square metre the price of every square metre) × 12 months. If year of return rate of office building unit achieve 8%-10% , belong to can invest buy, exceed year of return rate of 10% , optimal of course.

2, the position of public traffic holds the balance it is very important that traffic position and advantage are spent. If a certain office building is located in out-of-the-way traffic inconvenience,

Or heavy traffic all does not suit investment. If office building is in the subway by, the price appropriate, can invest. Divide in addition, the parking space that office building place has how many, very important also, must include check range.

3, the elevator capacity of office building and amount all affect property. How many of elevator amount, decide the advantage when commuting is spent, elevator capacity decides to whether facilitate when carry goods, and how many what hold a person, as to circumjacent form a complete set, more important, when the choice invests a certain office building, must establishment of form a complete set of thorough check periphery, wait like bank, shop, meal, apartment, the function is all ready very important.

4, the natural landscape of office building periphery. If periphery of a certain office building is high-level building completely, its line of sight is blocked necessarily, do not talk to go up what nature landscape. Because make proper time artificially, certainly will exhaustion, the vegetation afforest in the communal little garden that installs in floor and floret garden, can achieve the goal that loosens body and mind. And the natural landscape outside office building, can let a person by column overlook relaxed and happy, with benefit at resting repose.

5, the old hall of office building and corridor. The old hall between capacious and bright headroom and corridor, make a person pleasurable the job is happy, old hall is one of marks that decide office building class.

6, the property company that serves for office building. Property manages what the company decides a certain office building directly to use water, with Qing Dynasty of report, rubbish carry, air conditioning is supplied, car the problem of the square field surface such as management. When the choice invests a certain office building, investigation content is in charge of company condition to not allow to ignore.

7, the two hand office building that choose to take lease. According to statistic, lease is as long as 3-5 year two hand office building, even if price compares tower above 2000-3000 with around office building yuan / square metre, also be to one's profit. Because high-grade office building is general administration fee is tall, be like empty buy of a few months, the loss of administration fee is very big to influence of income of hire of office building whole.

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