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  The near future, media says, market of ZhongGuanCun office building falls sound.

Return somebody to say, office building of CBD first class is in dead now maintain, the enterprise of financial market is in burn money...

In the investigation of nearly ten projects, we discover an interesting phenomenon: The development business basis of office building can divide to the manner of the market for 3 factional: Active group, middle with inactive clique. Among them, active group masterpiece is tasted -- 10 thousand centers, middle clique is represented -- Wen Telai center, inactive clique masterpiece is tasted -- center of flourishing age of Sha of CEC, swallow.

Market of office building of capital first class, call rational development...

  The competitive VS with office building the biggest market is difficult

Chen Liming of general manager of center of swallow Sha flourishing age: Difficulty is the competition do not have foreword of office building market. Many development business look down on business affairs building, inspect it to be namely " dig socialistic corner " behavior, made gold of land sell one's own things less, covered the site that in facing, small look forward to handles official bussiness however. This contradiction differentiates very clearly actually in the market. Regard interim business affairs as the product with the residence, comparative to squeeze the client that took office building market partly, what also created whole market is lopsided. Market of Beijing office building did not grow healthily, also be this element. Because develop business to often seek profit the biggest change, to assuming social responsibility and social obligation, often be ignore. I think this is a kind of illegal act. Because building body height exceeded, program bureau can be endured punish; And the change on building function however a bit method is done not have, it is to acquiesce even, this is very abnormal phenomenon.

Chinese electron edifice engineers manager Liang Xiaoxuan: Our biggest now competition or supply are large, come out plus a few policy and economic adjusting control, what he affects is estate not only. Especially after the capital channel of the bank was controlled, can compare to the capital pressure of high growing company big. The demand of market of original office building is very little the pressure plus the outside is so great, last year, this year, next year 3 years, supply of Beijing office building special concentration, market demand also does not have apparent point of growth. Cake is so big, however a lot of people eat in cent, the knife that that is about to who see is fast, whose measure is expensive, can divide to a bigger to add full oneself abdomen. Additional, client group not very big extend, this also is ZhongGuanCun develops business to compare anxiety situation.

The section that these 3 office building basically focus market of Beijing ZhongGuanCun, banking, CBD, plus subregion region, wait like 3 yuan of acropolis, developing zone, bridges,
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