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Bug of building of · of the king that buy a building is helped buy a building

Plum beautiful jade

Building bug:

Hello! I and friend joined company of a design, because company staff is little, because this is leasing an area,only 100 come to the office building of square metre to make the office. When I talked about business to the company of a client last year, listen to him to mentioned to just spend the nearly 900 thousand office building that bought him, after giving a period money, the month is offerred and hire is about the same.

I am enchanted also rise, thinking him at hand to just be put have hundred thousands of, be inferior to also buying a small area office building, at present office can be sent on use, in the future if company business has development to move great place, also can put hire gain profit.

The more than money of my at hand has 30 to come about 10 thousand, want to ask you to help look for an area less than of 100 square metre, total prices is in the office building of 800 thousand less than. Best can traffic is convenient, all sorts of business affairs form a complete set are complete, administration fee is not tall, and but 24 hours of office. Lin Hua of some design firm

Mr Linhua:

Hello! Many thanks your incoming letter. According to your requirement, I feel you suit to look for business to stay in the office building of business affairs type of an organic whole most at present. This kind of office building is current the amount on Guangzhou market is not little, in area of the Milky way He Dongshan, more beautiful wait for area to be able to be found, especially a sector of an area such as road of road of the Milky way, north of the Milky way, east wind. These office building can offer condition of 24 hours of office, mostly the service such as secretary of commerce of form a complete set, for not big to dimensions company particularly convenient. Because total prices is not high, to investor, can retreat more can defend. Building bug offerred 3 plan to consult for you.

Building bug

Edifice of Fu Hua trade: More beautiful area is god-given see

Building dish address: Great mind road 233 date

Meet building time: Now building

Recommend door model: 6E unit

Total prices: 474300.54 yuan

Monovalent: 6300 yuan / square metre

Floor area: 75.2858 square metre

Practical area: 52.7 square metre

Economic rate: 70%

Front: On the west to

Predict to hire valence and return rate: At present this building dish devoted already use, lunar hire makes an appointment with 50 yuan / square metre, investment return rate is amounted to 8.2% .

The reporter comments on: Edifice of Fu Hua trade is located in business of more beautiful division to encircle bibcock, periphery is formed wait for the strong business atmosphere that give priority to with high-quality goods of shoe line of business, hardware, toy, the market that hire Wu is active. Its 6300 yuan / the price of square metre is for periphery solid belong to inferior, investment space is larger.
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