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Afterwards is beautiful forest become a shareholder after Yin Taizhong heart, Morgan Stanley buys Fuli Gemini office building, last week, singapore ground of triumphant heart buy buys A of center of trade of world of the annulus in, B with 1.837 billion yuan of RMB again office building of two first class. Abroad development business, investment business buys building buy line of business in succession on the land of 3.99 square kilometre of CBD.

Be what reason makes them gather together CBD? Redound of high specified number is caused chase after hold the phenomenon that invests real estate of commerce of business CBD chasing the deer-fight for the throne about numerous international in both hands, economist Li Changsheng thinks among them the mainest reason is profit drive. It is client of consumer, investment next expand latent capacity to CBD commerce real estate approbate. Li Changsheng is analysed, the commercial real estate of CBD area invests return rate to be in on average 20% the left and right sides, tall can achieve 33% the left and right sides. And interest driving force is boundless, can so high investment return rate make investor enchanted how? Does foreign capital take a fancy to CBD what? CBD is in charge of appoint can plan total advisory Ke Huanzhang to tell a reporter: "Beijing has allowed foreign capital bank to run partial RMB business, but the office area of the bank of many 100 foreign capital that creates agency in CBD at present all not quite. Once begin management professional work, need thousands of square metre to go up even the office area of 10 thousand square metre, the development foreground of high-grade office building will be very bright. " to this, the personage inside course of study points out, because at present the office building of CBD is faced with an amount to slant,supply of little, high-grade office building is not worth wait for a problem, henceforth, the heavy name a person for a particular job that CBD office building competes spreads out in high end. This also is city of building of Beijing of foreign capital first try namely one of reasons of office building of first selection CBD. Sale of project of a real-estate is in charge of Mr Zhang to say, the position of real-estate project decides its value. The data shows, 500 strong companies of world already had 293 to enter be stationed in Beijing, occupy the 58 % of gross, be in for the most part among them CBD area. This means global business elite, fortune to gather here, the tide that economy grows is in this agitate. Actually, what foreign capital takes a fancy to is the person energy of life of CBD. Not big to influence of Beijing building city the expert inside course of study expresses, although international invests to swarm into Beijing market in succession, but normally for, overseas financing is very careful to landed investment, to cooperating to just be mixed the requirement of profit redound also is compared tall, be affected to the building city of Beijing so and too won't big. "Last year is large area contact, begin to try water carefully this year, and materiality collaboration should appear in next year. " Li Wenjie of former landed general manager expresses so in Beijing. In fact, no matter be United States forest becomes a shareholder,silver-colored peaceful center, Morgan Stanley buys next rich force office building, or ground of triumphant heart buy takes center of trade of world of the annulus in, such investment share for the investment dimensions to these companies, it is a drop in the sea merely.
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