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  Hold to the practice according to hold property

Regard ZhongGuanCun as the costliest project, center of information of branch of be in harmony lies the core area of ZhongGuanCun, it is by development business does overall planning, cent develops the project that business will come to develop into a few. A of center of information of branch of be in harmony became famous quite inside whole industry, because have,wait for world-renowned big client like Intel and Japanese telecommunication namely. Current, center of information of branch of be in harmony 3 period (C) already sealed a top in Feburary 2004, major client is to be in 2 - signed May hire a contract beforehand, checked and accept August 31, the client was garrisoned September 6 office.

Center of information of branch of be in harmony has today's fame and brand, it is the company insists to locate and be carried out according to the practice of hold property all the time. At the outset fixed position follows other items not quite same, invite advisory company to become adviser. The fact proves, at the outset fixed position and the actual condition just the same that do actually. Summary experience has at 3 o'clock, the a bitth a sector of an area that is a project is very good, the 2nd opportunity that invests namely is very good. 2002, the project enters town when, as it happens caught up with the empty shelves of the market. 2004 second half of the year, entering town also is a very good opportunity. The 3rd character that is a product and fixed position special match. Of course, also cannot leave outstanding property government, if break up sell, property of trade allowing a country goes managing, also do not have method.

Expert viewpoint (Lin Yizhong) : No matter be SOHU,garrison power the Utopia border edifice that new international edifice, sina garrisons, still be center of information of branch of be in harmony, do not spell the mart actually with the price, their price just in ZhongGuanCun is a few top items. This explains, if the product is outstanding, although the price is again expensive, also can make the item with the best sale in area.

   Pay close attention to the detail demand of the enterprise

Beautiful Cheng square serves as the delegate of the top class office building of the capital, the chance that development business contacts with the enterprise that cross a state and internationalization enterprise is more. The sagacious of king of general manager assistant of beautiful Cheng square summed up the valuable experience among actual combat adequately, name it for 6 great exceeding one's expectations -- be based on the communication between development business and internationalization enterprise to still have difference, often be encountered in usual job and also ignore easily.

The first, the client dependence to the subway degree. Beautiful Cheng square is located in the either end of a bridge of 3 yuan of bridges, tighten at the same time be next to the airport high speed and east 3 annulus, before the door 35 times of buses, the subway of the program 10 line general from the course before the door. Develop business and business of a lot of internationalization, especially those services when the enterprise that cross a state is undertaking negotiating, discovering the subway is the problem that they pay close attention to very much, this lets feel high-grade to the employee of property is to drive the development business that will go is big expect -- at present Beijing traffic has a state badly, decided the most effective, most economic vehicle is the subway.
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