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The data shows, future 3 - of market of office building of 5 years of Beijing supply a circumstance to be: Area of office building of program of area of central business affairs amounts to 5 million square metre; ZhongGuanCun area only the office building that the area will have 1 million square metre on the west appears on the market, add the first line of a couplet on a scroll to think area of garden of science and technology of area of area of garden of science and technology, garden of Beijing University science and technology, Tsinghua to wait for office building, the supply of office building of prospective ZhongGuanCun area will be close to 3 million square metre; Financial market area reachs its extension line, include to be in at present of the 140 thousand square metre that build in card edifice and capital banking center, supply predicts to will exceed 1 million square metre; The project such as division of military of the project of city building edifice of village of peace and tranquility of the Jing Yuan project that still has Xidan, north, announce. Predicting future 3 - 5 years, market of Beijing office building is added newly supply will be close to and exceed 10 million square metre likely. Add at present near 5 million square metre puts an amount, future 3 - inside 5 years, beijing office building puts a quantity to will exceed 15 million square metre. First class office building puts a quantity at present to be 2.91 million square metre. To 2005, new increment will exceed 3 million square metre. But the economic progress of Beijing and economic progress level, cannot create a corresponding demand at all. This is meant, future 3 - the competition of market of Beijing office building will very intense.

And begin from 2004, the business affairs pattern of Beijing already had apparent change, with Yan Sha business is encircled, east 2 annulus board group of fast, Xizhimen trade, on the ground business affairs of new generation of Information Industry base board piece, already rose to surface, can be able to develop his skill to full on the market henceforth.

   1, business encircles Yan Sha

Boreal enlarge comes 3 yuan of bridges, it is the important sign with mature incline to of group of swallow Sha trade. Regard a country as 3 yuan of bridges of door ground mark, have exceed network of strong liaison man, it is Beijing capital airport the first station, it is try to be the first of the orgnaization that cross a state is entered advocate bridge tower, it is the lofty portal of area of core of CBD of pass in and out more. Come 10 years, formed all round 3 yuan of bridges build with apartment of hotel of office building of international standard first class, international, international, new embassy group, the Beijing that medical establishment of orgnaization of education of international shopping centers, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals comprises' most mature international business affairs lives circle.
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