Foreign soon Beijing CBD: "Empty buy rate is exorbitant " should take seriousl

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Li Yan of our newspaper reporter contends for reporter of engage by special arrangement n of e of E l l (Chinese medium university) the s of a of m of T h o on reportorial photograph laughs very aglitter, when actually he and reporter chat special introversion.

s of a of m of T h o never mentions actively a certain topic, to the reporter's problem, also want cogitative hind just make a reply. The profession of this likelihood and researcher of his finance and economics is concerned, the content that he talks is 3 do not leave one's line more.

The CBD of Beijing has a lot of high buildings and large mansions, a lot of famous company orgnaizations inside area, to the youth, working in CBD is a kind of identity is indicative. But s of a of m of T h o thinks " the development here is too rapid " , e.g. , the building here already very much, but still can see a lot of building the building in the center.

"Actually, those building may not that had built are used truly rose, the empty buy rate of a lot of office building is very high still. " this kind is unused, it is the waste of a kind of resource.

s of a of m of T h o suggests: "Municipal government should consider and had handled for concerning with what beg. Because, once development of supply and demand is lopsided, economy is met unbalance. " after all Cong Mou is planted say on degree, without economy development does not have CBD.

In eye of s of a of m of T h o , CBD is a concept only, what he values more is working advantage and humanitarian environment. For instance, the traffic of workplace is unobstructed, social order is very good wait.

s of a of m of T h o says, the Chinese is very responsible to the job, family and friend, they treat a friend special enthusiasm, courteous. Can some of person appears to stranger is not so courteous. Take a bank to conduct business for, can produce the phenomenon that the client queues up not self-consciously sometimes; Also meet in the subway somebody is crowded, grab.

"Nevertheless, achieve high civilization to need a course. " he comes to China for the first time was 1997, await in those days, the person that spits everywhere is very much, and much less now.

s of a of m of T h o says, this also is concerned with economic development.

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