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The end of the year, " settle down " the magazine organized the last time forum of large-scale office building, the purpose also is summary comes to Beijing office building one year develop success or failure, in this second forum, each big development business and stylist forget him identity, tell those no longer " listen " , " say " heavy macroscopical topic, also abandoned to listen so that person ear root sends the project material of be bored with, however bona fide tells about personal experience, and the environment that how handles the difficult problem before is mixed opportunity...

It may not be a bad idea, experience of a year comes over, the 6 old strategy that capital office building develops appear vividly is in eye, also perhaps did not pass 2005 when.

Politic one: Hold high intelligence changes old standard

Current, abroad takes intelligence of science and technology seriously to change the content of this respect quite. And most viewpoint thinks the sort of develop efficiency to rise, use the office large building of whole sealing, existing to go against healthy element more for a long time. From foreign zoology building development of two big trends looks, one is to use bring all zoology technology measures into play to achieve feebleminded bad news, reduce the goal that pollutes development; The 2nd it is to be in inside thorough lab on the foundation of office environment, create efficient and easy indoor office environment.

5 add up to Lu of international vise general manager to beg a gentleman to ever was in Germany the well-known construction project such as Pfeiffer Ellermann, LTK and Obermeyer designs a company to hold the post of architect, it is the advanced technique such as wall of act of glass of building of European zoology intelligence, intelligence tectonic design expert, his individual is Baconian summed up a few new trend: One is the whole that pays attention to construction group position manufacturing design is energy-saving, another it is the wall outside the building uses zoology intelligence to breathe type act wall, make sure high-level building also can initiate nature ventilated, still have use heat insolation of efficient heat preservation 8 system of new wind of type of technology of foundation of building of technology of heating of refrigeration of radiate of floor of glass and sunshade air optical unit, concrete, active energy, displacement skills that compare high end.

As professional architect, lu Qiu thinks to improve the inevitable climate that content of science and technology is office building development, difficulty is wanting to assume the risk that exists in a large number of additional works and innovation process at expanding business. Technical itself is not a purpose, only humanness serves ability to obtain the biggest vendibility; The adoption of same technology is not begged newest the most expensive, be in again of the system cooperate with organic and interactive.
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