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2006 what kind of state will market of Beijing office building be? The view that industry rumor has gradually is: From come at present 2006, annual supply will be 1 million square metre, but demand is in every year footfall of 50 square metre. People has sufficient reason to believe it seems that, new the depression after round office building development will confront crisis of similar Asia banking, and the gap of huge supply and demand that pessimism and brave reason are about to appear namely.

In fact, if read all sorts of stories carefully,we discover not hard, come from what consult a company each to forecast data to differ not only, also be to be widely divergent to the understanding of data, the foresight of development business lack that comes out by the difference place derivation of supply and demand, price falls in the round and all sorts of likely answering suggest to wait for judgement to exist a lot of error. The setting of behind the curtain that takes no account of fluctuant data and industry spy name a person for a particular job make inference is immersed in the course of common sense and habit.

Unfathomable demand

The message says, center of division of be in harmony accelerated start working rate, decide the deadline with next year finishing the beginning of the year to will shift to an earlier date formerly this year September. The viewpoint inside course of study thinks to supply a height for escape office building, accelerate or suspending time limit for a project perhaps is feasible method.

Did the difference of supply and demand of office building have after all 2006 how old? Let us see what can get calculate data first. The analysis that Dai Deliang goes thinks, mixed 2004 CBD predicted to will respectively 420 thousand square metre and the complete of office building project of 520 thousand square metre are thrown 2005 use, zhongGuanCun office building will have 570 thousand square metre and the potential supply of 490 thousand square metre respectively. Add the supply of other area, beijing did not come to average and annual office building 3 years supply will exceed 2 million make the same score rice.

In media coverage, central Plains (China) property adviser firm did not offer year to forecast, just say in the near future inside, the potential supply of Beijing office building is controlled in 10 million square metre, the view that goes basically with Dai Deliang is adjacent. And the data that intermediate quantity couplet calculates all right is increase supply newly 2005 790 thousand smooth rice, 2006 1.3 million smooth rice, 2007 700 thousand smooth rice. Apparently look, forecast data to have certain difference, but this is not the subject that we discuss, because each company judges the limits with statistical office building to differ somewhat, intermediate measures office building of first class of overweight of couplet travel side. Next the problem is to demand forecast, a kind of version with current market is Beijing average and annual add demand newly to be 500 thousand smooth rice. "Forecasting demand always is a the most difficult job, because influencing factor is too much " , weigao of director of district of China of travel of intermediate quantity couplet believes very careful ground to answer a query, "Nevertheless, the consideration that the 500 thousand view of smooth rice and we issue in existence condition is primary be identical " . Although wear director of assistant of heart bridge travel,Fang Wei points out the dangerous sex that mensurable demand analyses, but before the demand curve that this company offers also shows for Beijing year add demand newly not to exceed 500 thousand to make the same score rice commonly.
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