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The place appropriate of the office assembles in office building area, palaver is convenient;   
The place of the office avoids to be near wind month place as far as possible;   
The decoration of the office shoulds not be too luxurious, color of the milky white of indoor color appropriate of the office, ivory is beautiful;   
Office photocopier is unfavorable in Bai Hu square,
The golden ark mouth of the office is unfavorable to the doorway - money comes money goes,
The golden ark mouth of the office is unfavorable flow to downstream - bad news money again and again;
The golden ark of the office cannot be put in obvious point;   
The mirror of the office is developing the door, talking around dispute is much;
How should the mirror of the office be the place with dark light, of the office move a line to answer free from worry,
The desk color of the office as far as possible clear light color;
How is external door as far as possible in the office Long Fang, cannot be in Bai Hu square,
How is the piscine box avoid of the office Bai Hu square, appropriate dragon just is beautiful;
The aquatic animals box of the office cannot install the Bai Hu in desk square,
Master desk cannot stand by white tiger Fang Huibin. Slave bully advocate;   
Master desk left and right sides cannot develop the bathroom door of flatlet,
Master desk cannot face the wall of flatlet or public toilet,
Master desk cannot back toilet,
The after before master desk cannot be controlled lavatory door, advocate sit uneasiness is firm;   
Master desk or seat cannot press bridge,
Master office table or seat cannot before after left and right sides develops ark part,
The after before master desk cannot develop the house part of the other outside house,
There should be a space as far as possible before master desk - bright hall wants broad;   
The table of master desk cannot too messy,
Master desk ceiling should relaxed and free from worry,
There is not screen before master desk,
Wine cabinet is not put before master desk, and should put silver-colored aegis medal inside cabinet;
How cannot be specular him reflection of light hanged before master desk - can be distracted;
Into Menbukean the mirror takes the door inside master desk - dispute is much;   
Master desk is right do not insert flag as far as possible;
The flag of master office should insert two in Zun Fang back after or left and right sides to be beautiful;   
Master office or desk cannot be under toilet or kitchen cooking stove square;
Master office or desk cannot be over toilet or kitchen cooking stove square;   
Master office or desk cannot fall on the computer room;
The after before master office or desk are controlled cannot have alley road to develop a body;   
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