The office is geomantic secret definitely

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Geomantic the help with learn to think the gas field of lucky environment has to the person's courage and resource, wisdom certain, affect the business then promote decline, the success or failure of the career.

So how will be office home all put?
Put a desk, have wanted to notice at 2 o'clock, should notice to cannot facing the desk into the door. The 2 people after wanting to notice to sit in the desk want a kind to have a wall by lean, cannot have redundant empty.

Avoid the desk to the door, basically be to make the leader is when the job, the interference of the noise outside be come from the door not easily and get the peek of other; After avoiding a desk, have redundant empty, basically be to make sit in the person that the desk deals with the be in businessing of business affairs, decrease those who come from body backside is empty with not dependable feeling, increase dependability.

The emplacement of the desk, before the stage due a broader space, pressing geomantic view is an angry area, can handle of the person broad-minded. In the meantime, desk distance door is further, and the door is to be located in on the bevel of desk left ahead, can prevent another person the direct peek from the door and the noise outside coming from the door. Of the desk hind it is a solid wall, give a person euqally as the mountain range because of wall with solid sense, handle the desk is relied on somewhat again.

Additionally scriptorium should notice to choose fenestrate building, look carefully at the environment outside the window even at the same time, requirement by window overlook when, in the window ahead cannot see have chimney a kind jinx. Whether is there footpath outside looking carefully at a window even besides, if have footpath, had better be to abandon additional choose, because bearer of the person on footpath is gone to, footstep, sound of be laughing and playing, metropolis influence arrives handle the working mood of official person here. And, often still get another person from window outdoor peek.

(one) the good position of the desk

After the environmental examine outside the window is valued, plan of optimal of indoor decoration desk is: Dependable wall is after the desk, left is a window, passing through a window is a beautiful natural scenery, this formed a view beautiful, daylighting is good, ventilated and appropriate work environment. Work in such environment, absolute imaginative power is nimble, the job is enthusiastic big, efficiency is tall. The door opens to go up in desk ahead right horn, the peek of the interference of the noise outside getting the door not easily also and other. If the door of scriptorium opens in top left corner, the desk also can adjust the position accordingly, the effect is euqally good, do not suffer alleged the influence that belongs to photograph Ji Xiangzhi to say.
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