The office is geomantic regulations

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The office is the important place of unripe money, want money carry is flourishing, the business is thriving, have to look for a good environment, very geomantic, the environment is right of the person clever it is an all the time, had built geomantic the sharp weapon that creates unripe wealth namely, let a person produce good effect, then lucky come again and again, achieve the goal of the enterprise. Above all, begin from the choice of the place first, choose very geomantic, ability because ground start shipment, grab for the company first machine, make the enterprise manages a success then.

Choose when carry flourishing ground

Want to know the development climate of the metropolis above all, when how choosing to should carry the simplest method; is in flourishing ground to rent or purchase old building to serve as station or use of distributor line of business, can call explore understanding first, this room is abandoned make that kind of trade before, management circumstance, in order to regard judgement as reference. Become when the building with flourishing flourishing, can have to operator active up consequence quantity, guide bring people to move toward advantageous management concept and correct decision-making judgement, the management of meeting conduce enterprise is successful.

Before tall hind low, just have backer

When choosing the office, want to notice to whether there is taller building after house, ability has a backer, play stabilizes the action of the company, and the ground should be free before the building, eye shot wants capacious, market ability is ambitious. Or so architecture is first-rate can symmetrical, the mood ability of employee is stable, communicate interactive and good, each other solidarity cooperates, the development of advantageous career.

Complex wagon flow is not located in to use a line before office building

Before building door if have a lot of roadway, easy dispersive attention, virtually arms oneself, the time is long feel easily fatigue, work efficiency is reduced.

The gate of the office does not want to be inside lane or dead alley

The gate is just as the eye of office building, if suffocate suffocate cannot widen eye shot, develop a suffocate suffocate.

Curved annulus inside contains money gas

Going from place to place water is gold, and water need flows ceaselessly, ability creates wealth, and city house is abandoned is face a market and build, the direction of flow of " car " of heavy traffic is equal to river water to flow to, and bent running water, flow is slower, ability tarry gold, but must be in curved annulus side, ability bodyguard writes a person, then tarry gold.

Be far from wear road, tunnel high to flourish in order to protect

Space of the road in city is limited, building of as a result lives with near neighbour of trestle, tunnel easily, in the building of both sides, because the car comes,the car is gone to, the bridge is strong form evil spirit gas to enter, pneumatic is frequent, flourishing gas cannot gather, best can be in evil spirit the square change that make a point, grow like aquarium, establish, cistern, or ask personnel of professional and geographical reconnaissance to seek advice.
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