Household residence is geomantic, bedroom pattern

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The bedroom is life spends lifetime the place of 1/3 days, photograph gas repose, all depend on this. What the bedroom does not have size is exquisite, it is to call " the room is elegant why to need big, the flower is sweet be absent much " . But pattern must observe and study, build a kind stable and quiet, sweet and auspicious environment, it is ideal living environment. The following item need to notice:

The bed is the most important furniture in the bedroom, north and south of first selection of general situation bed faces towards, comply with geomagnetic gravitation, but it is good to the ability that place a bed that the information of some buildings and person needs a thing.

There cannot be crossbeam press in bedchamber, lest create depressive sense, also have damage the body and mind at the person.

The head of a bed cannot rely on the door, additionally somebody puts the bed in gate mouth side, this also is the violate a taboo of a kind of residence.

Makeup stage lens cannot illuminate a pillow inside house, otherwise Morpheus gets trouble easily, spirit is depressed.

Ark of the head of a bed should tallish cross a bed, the quality of advantageous promotion Morpheus and wisdom, improve Morpheus quality.

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