Small and refined surpass large but impractical

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Any rooms would rather small and refined avoid large but impractical. Some bosses, for ostentatious fortune, 3, in the luxurious office of 40 square metre, have a piece of desk only normally, a sofa, often give a person a kind " Mr Gu " impressions, to the development of the career huge hampers.

The office has development hard without window career

The office is to become great and decision-making place, the light and air must enough, if be a space that closes completely, besides the door, without the word of the window, to money carry reachs prospective expansibility not beautiful.

Office light with natural light optimal

The radial source of the office had better be the natural light of the window, if be very dark also day space, although artificial light can complement the problem with insufficient light, but differ as a result of the wavelengh of artificial illuminant and natural illuminant, have distinct effect to major decision-making conference.

Industry appropriate collects natural light related colour

Often decide to need or line of business of osculatory colorific advertising, design, acquire space of whole or painterly work, although the space that close can avoid to be disturbed partly, but artificial illuminant is easy the error that causes us to be judged to colour or deviation, want to avoid without fail so.

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