Shop is geomantic: New Year is chosen for oneself good " dock "

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Beginning of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day, everythings on earth is waited for promote, be poineering inning, choose of a lot of person selected is in this stylish piece shop. Via the geomantic optional location of business shop, basically depend on choosing to be able to assure a businessman client of driving, attract, benefit at buying and selling, can bring the good environment with thriving business. Select the inn site that be in business, civilian common says " choose port city " . "Dock " positional stand or fall, to management business stand or fall, have very big effect. Accordingly, the choice of shop position, be opposite is very important for the person that be in business.

1, take flourishing avoid devious

On small towns, stream of people moves back and forth concentrated place is flourishing a sector of an area.

According to geomantic view, somebody has life, the person gets angry to heal more more flourishing, what can bring the business by life is flourishing.

2, take open avoid narrow

Geomantic choosing curtilage when location, widen before house of be particular about, admit all directions to get angry, this and be in business pay attention to guest of wide accept all directions to agree. According to this one principle, when the address that chooses store, also should consider shop of ahead open, the requirement cannot have any keep out thing, for instance enclosure, telegraph pole, billboard and the tree that live big blind fold are waited a moment.

3, take south to avoid northeast

Geomantic choosing this world curtilage base when location, stand beg sit south the Northern Dynasties, its purpose is to avoid of the summer insolate and hiemal cold wind. Be in business the choice of the address, need to consider to avoid as much insolation and cold wind. So, best still also sit south the Northern Dynasties, take namely south to.

4, modelling of store outward appearance

Say from the angle of commodity sale, the exterior modelling that pays attention to a shop achieves the goal that establishs commercial figure, must make this exterior modelling has bright uniqueness, want to pay attention to the characteristic that brings up store outward appearance namely, through applying uniqueness of formative of store outward appearance, publicize oneself, attract client.

5, exterior modelling and attune of area scene humorous

When the model that designs store outward appearance, build itself structure besides the consideration besides proportional harmonious sex, notice to make the natural scene photograph of the exterior modelling of the shop and located area harmonious even.

6, shop appropriate is capacious

The door of the shop is the pharynx and larynx of the shop, it is client and commodity discrepancy and current passageway. The door of the shop is daily greet how many what send a client, deciding a shop promote decline. Consequently, measure to the client's reception to make the shop can rise, the door is unfavorable do too smally.
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